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A Completely Hands-Free Approach To Internet Marketing

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We provide businesses with a hands-free solution to Internet marketing that not only frees up their time to see more patients but also helps them grow their business more efficaciously.

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Our Goal Is Simple — To Help Build Your Business One Website Visitor At A Time

Our System Connects Your Passion To Your Market So That Your Business Is More Easily Found By Those Who Need You.

Your Passion

You're passionate about what you do. We're passionate about marketing what you do. Allow us to connect your passion with your market through our automated marketing system.

Your Market

More than ever before people in your local market are turning to the Internet for answers to their questions. Are they finding you when they search?

Your Business

Having a website is one thing. Getting it found through search is another. We help people from your market find your business more easily through our hands-free system.

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The Story Behind Click2Design & How We Help Grow Your Business

Click2 was founded in 1999 by a local internet marketing expert.

After years of honing his skills with other companies as a graphic design and search engine optimization expert, he decided it was time to start his own company and make a real difference on the web.

Realizing that most seo companies sacrifice aesthetics for search rank, Michael decided to build his business based on the feature-rich Wordpress Content Management system and the renowned and seo-friendly Genesis Framework for what he prefers to call "Future-Proof" technology.

Builds Authority

Our system helps position you as the authority within your local community.

Creates Community

Our system gives you your own home on the Internet without having to rely on other platforms.

Develops Trust

Our system develops trust with your readers and creates a powerful professional brand.

Generates Leads

Our system generates leads on auto-pilot through professionally written email autoresponders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a website?

No worries. We’ll just replace whatever you currently have with a professionally-designed WordPress website — the world’s most loved and used platform — which will include our lead-generating software and Internet marketing system.

How long does it take before my new website goes live?

It takes approximately two to three weeks to complete your order after we receive your questionnaire. Once it goes live, we’ll call you to let you know.

Is this a completely hands-free system?

Yes, that’s the beauty of our system. It’s completely hands-free. It’ll update your blog and communicate with your leads via email on a weekly basis without you having to do a thing.

Can I publish other blog content besides what you do?

Of course! Publish as many articles as often as you like from inside the easy-to-use dashboard. You’ll receive instructions via email on how to login to the backend of your new website once it goes live. We also provide video tutorials inside of the dashboard that explain how to accomplish this.

Can I make changes to the pages of my website?

Yes. You’ll receive instructions via email on how to login to the backend of your new website once it goes live. From there, you’ll be able to make changes to individual pages as you see fit. As mentioned above, we also provide video tutorials inside of the dashboard that explain how to accomplish this.

Is the membership fee one-time or monthly?

The membership fee is monthly (every 30 days).

Is there a contract with your services?

Nope and you can cancel at any time.

What happens after I subscribe?

You’ll receive an email immediately after joining that provides you with the link to our Questionnaire form. Please fill out and submit the form as soon as possible. Once we receive it, your order will be placed in queue for completion.

Is a completed questionnaire important?

Yes, we cannot complete your order until we receive your completed questionnaire. So the sooner you get it to us, the quicker we’ll have you up and running!

How often will the blog content be published?

Weekly. However it’s on a random publishing cycle so that Google and other search engines see a more organic approach to your blog publishing schedule.

How does your system work with social media?

If you’re business is already on Facebook, Google+ , LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ll connect your website to your social media networks of choice so that every article that’s published on your website will also be published to those networks. It’s social media integration at its finest!

Can I put a videos and pictures on my new website?

Yes, you can add as many videos and photos to your new website as you want. We provide video tutorials inside of the dashboard that explain how to accomplish this. PLEASE NOTE: If you're uploading testimonials in video format, please make sure that you have a waiver signed by the customer and on file that complies with FTC regulations.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time by emailing our Support Team. But we’re not sure why you’d want to once you see what we can do for you! ;-)